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Offering 25 years of experience with clients of all sizes and budgets. Working with a team of experts to offer the right solution at the right price. Partnering with you to enhance productivity and your bottom line.

About Us

Your communications solution is not just about purchasing a product, it is building a relationship committed to your success. Russell Breninger, a high-level, tier III communications technician, believes that the small to medium size clients often do not get the technical expertise or access to resources available to big business with big budgets. Mr. Breninger recognizes the business value that properly applied technology offers and project budget should not dictate the proficiency of the advice you receive. Therefore, he sees Breninger Communications as the 'Small Business Specialists' bringing over 25+ years of education and experience to the planning, implementation and management of every project. Mr. Breninger’s approach to EACH and EVERY aspect of a client’s project is a hands-on collaboration to achieve the right solutions. Personal pride and commitment drives this win-win approach and a successful outcome is Breninger’s signature.


Breninger Communications completed its first telephone installation in 1990 and has been gaining tremendous expertise and growing ever since. By expanding its products and service from telecommunications, to multi-office integrated network solutions has positioned Breninger Communications as a very well respected firm. Professional alliances and partnerships with leaders in the industry, allow Breninger Communications to address any and all aspects of the modern office’s communications needs.


Breninger Communications is committed to meeting the customer's requirements, project deadlines and budgets without sacrificing quality. Because of today’s businesses must operate without interruption, support is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


To stay competitive, business must be able to update their communications. Breninger Communications is your valuable resource, accessible to address your company moves, adds and changes. By utilizing current technology, Breninger Communications has created a responsive system to address your information and service needs. Even when staff is in the field, an integrated messaging network allows you to communicate your needs for a timely response, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Breninger Communications believes that education is critical with being able to provide the correct solution. We participate in training and educational programs on changing technology and applications that can help your business. Continuing education keeps us current with changing technology, and prevents our clients from ever paying for on-the-job training.


Every client has different requirements, so we believe that every solution should be customized and tailored to meet the client's goals and budgets. This means looking beyond the standard packaging of a product to better utilize its unique features to respond to a distinctive business application.